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Today we had the assistant engineer who was held hostage on the Maersk Alabama speak to us this evening. He is a graduate of Kings Point and knows first hand what it was like to be captured by pirates. He showed us pictures and told us how he felt while onboard the ship. He also showed us pictures of the lifeboat which where the pirates were taken out by "3 shots." The engineer told us he was quite amused that the media said it was three shots when there were about 30 bullet holes in lifeboat.
It was pretty interesting and a situation that i hope i never have to be in. Did good on the tests that i took last week, so that made my day pretty good.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Keegan,

    Heard your mom sold your car. Watch out that she doesn't skim some profit for herself!!!

    Keep going,


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Keeg!
    How interesting the Ship scene is. Yes, it's nice to have someone speak that can give you guys pointers about the pro's and con's. The Ship is sharp looking. Hope your days are going well. Honey, I'm so proud that you past THE TEST that you were so dreading. Love the Blog. Glad your Mom taught me how to do it. Now, I can drive you crazy! Ha> I'll try not to.

    LOve you bunches! "Gingall"