It looks like the hot days are over and a tropical storm is on the way... yep that's right - a Tropical Storm. Looks like we are in for a lot of rain over the next few days. Last night a thunderstorm blew through, and i have to say it was the most intense storm i have seen here in NY. The lightning put on a good show and the wind was blowing about 80 knots.

My hardest classes are over for the week, thursday and fridays are pretty much down days for me, not a whole lot of classes those days. Makes for quite a nice long weekend. This weekend i will not be able to leave because i have to stand an EMT watch from thursday to sunday here on campus. Not looking forward to that. That's it for today, hope each of you are having an extraordinary day!!!!

2 Responses
  1. Otto Says:

    Keegan, your mom let me have access to your blog. Hope that is OK with you. I like it! Keep up the good work at school and look forward to catching up with you soon.


  2. Teri Says:

    Look you have a new follower. I know it is hurricane season and we are going on a cruise. Have a good weekend. Love you