Ring Dance

Tomorrow, i have a test in management and then thursday i have a test in world history. It's kind of a big week for me, this are really the first test i have had in any class this trimester. So WISH me luck!!
I forgot to mention, last friday the Seniors (Class of 2010) had their ring dance. The ring dance is an annual event, this is when the seniors receive their class ring that was designed by members of the class. The date wears the ring attached to a ribon as a necklace. Then each senior's name is called and the Admiral (superintendent) dips the ring into a bowl containing waters from the Seven Seas. Its a lot of tradition. Above is pictures form the Class of 2009 ring dance.
Oh yeah, this year's ring dance cost approx. $90,000.

Today not much happenend... I can't beleive August is already coming close to an end, time flies when your having fun, if FUN is what you want to call it!!
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