The Days Roll By

Well, there isn't a whole lot happening up here in Kings Point, NY besides the fact that its starting to get really cold. And it's till september! I have a had a busy couple of weeks. Last week I had midterms, so i was stressing out over that, especially the chemestry midterm. I studied about 18-20 hours just for this midterms. But I found out today that I got an 82 on it, which is AWESOME. Big improvement considering how I have been doing in the class.

It's Homecoming Weekend up here starting tonight. Alumni from all over the world come back to the Academy to share stories and catch up on old time. It should be a good weekend, it's always nice to talk to alumni, considering they are the ones that dominate the shipping industry.

Well sorry this is so boring, but I really havn't gotten to do a whole lot these past couple of weeks. On a funny note, our company, shaving creamed the entire campus, decorated the halls for the senior, and hung a huge sign on the cafeteria. Not something they want you doing every day. Needless today it was the talk of the day.

Well I miss everyone, and it won't be too long before I am back at home and get to see everyone!!!

Parents Weekend/ Acceptance Day

I am now officially in the Navy. The Navy Reserve that is. I had an AWESOME weekend, it was Parents Weekend/Acceptance Day up here at the Academy, which marks a major mile stone for us "plebes" or freshman. Some new privelages: we can talk in the Cafeteria, sit fully in our chairs instead of just six inches, and a few other important things. We're slowly but surely working our way back to being human again. One of the biggest things is that we now are able to get liberty or leave the campus. My mom, grandma, and me went in to the Big Apple, which was absolutely ridiculously cool. Me and my mom dragged poor grandma everywhere in NYC, from Times Square, Empire State Building, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, to Penn Station. We took a crash course through the city with the one day that we had to spend together. The night before Tropical Storm Hanna came through our area, so that kind of put a damper on things, literally.

All is well up at the academy and a could not have a better weekend. Seeing my mom and grandma up here was so great. My mom pinned my eagle on my chest, signifying that I am a member in the US Naval Reserve. It was a special moment. I hope everyone is doing good and all is well back home. Hope you like the pictures

Labor Day Weekend

It's Labor Day weekend here at the Academy and pretty much all is dead around campus. The upperclassmen have left, except for a few officers. But a small group of us plebes, got to take an overnight trip as part of the Christian Fellowship Club. We headed up to Wading River, NY. Which as on the far Northeast side of Long Island. It was absolutely beautiful! We climbed down the cliffs to the beach where the Long Island Sound awaited us. We sang songs, had a bonfire on the beach (with smores), and just pretty much hung out at the camp saturday and sunday. It was such a nice time to just get away from the academy and relax.

Things should return to normal tomorrow once school is back up and running again. Overall it's been a pretty nice weekend, I couldn't have asked for more. Parent's Weekends is getting closer than ever, it's this coming weekend, It's going to be a LOT of fun!