A Dinner to Honor

Today was a special day here on campus. We had the author of "SEAL of Honor, and parents of Lt. Micahel Murphy - a Navy SEAL, on campus today. They were here to sign the newly released book, which is already one of the best sellers. Lt. Micheal Murphy was awarded the Medal of Honor for putting his life on the line for his country and ultimately making that sacrifice while trying to save his men during an attach in Afghanistan. Both the father and the author spoke tonight at a dinner to explain leadership and what it means to fight for your country. It was both a moving and motivating speech and glad the i got the opportunity to meet the family.

The following is the story of what happened and why he was awarded the medal. This brings to light the realities of war, and reminds us that each soldier is fighting for our freedom.

On 28 June 2005, Navy Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy led a four man special reconnaissance SEAL team consisting of Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Danny Dietz, Sonar Technician 2nd Class Matthew Axelson and Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Marcus Luttrell to locate Ahmad Shah, a notorious Taliban leader in the remote Hindu Kush Mountains of eastern Afghanistan. After an initial infiltration to begin Operation Red Wings, local goat herders stumbled upon the team's hiding place. Unable to verify any hostile intent from the herders, Murphy ordered them released. Shortly after the herders left, the team was surrounded by a large force of Taliban fighters. After about an hour and engaged in the most fierce fire fight since World War II and the most fierce in SEAL team history, LT Michael Patrick Murphy, in a last ditch effort to save his men knowingly stepped into the line of fire to obtain reception for his cell phone in order to call for reinforcements. One of the two rescue helicopters sent in response to Murphy's call was shot down killing 8 navy SEALS and 8 Army "Night Stalkers". Marcus Luttrell was the lone survivor and gave a detailed briefing to military leaders that resulted in LT Michael Patrick Murphy being awarded this nation's highest military award, the Medal of Honor.

Another Day

Spring is here, and the campus is looking better than ever. Its almost like a jungle on campus with all the trees, flowers, and plants... just being outside puts you in a good mood. Nothing new to update you on up here, except to say that another week is about to cloose.

One cool thing that we did get to do today is go up the Houston Ship Channel... on a simulator. The one pictured above isn't exactly what i used, it has a couple more items in it, but it is all pretty much the same. It is so realistic; its very cool to actually be in charge of a ship, even if it is on a computer! haha

I'm Back

Somewhere between coming back from sea, focusing on sea year exams, and sharing the coveted sea stories with friends, updating the blog got lost in translation; but i'm finally back.
Things are again back to normal and the last trimester of 3/c year is going pretty well for the most part. All the basic classes are done and we are now begining to learn a lot about the field we will be entering after the next two years. I am taking a logistics management class, tankers class, cargo operations/ship stability class, and ship handling. It is all pretty neat stuff, and includes playing with simulators once a week.
The weather is finally getting beautiful up here in the North East, winter has left the building - at least for now.
So far that is what i have been up to, here is a vide to leave you with, it includes man pictures taken from around the world! ENJOY!

Goodbye School, Hello World

Today was my last day at home... I got to do so many incredible things while spending a short vacation back home in Texas. Flying with an awesome friend for some to kill for BBQ, taking a grandma flying for the first time in a long time, eating with a gingall in her halloween costume when nobody else was dressed up! haha There was so much to do and so many people to see. But i think that i got to see everyone (at least i hope i did).

Everyone is asking what i am feeling? What thoughts are going through my head? Am I excited? To answer these questions... yes, I am SO excited, but at the same time I am feeling nervous with a little anxiety thrown in the mix! haha What is there not to be excited about. I'm heading off to go around the globe (LITERALLY) and get paid... who else gets that opportunity. The moment that i have waited for, for a year and a half, has finally made its approach and has arrived. There is nothing that I or anyone else can do to stop it.

I am going to miss my family, the support system, and all of my friends who somehow seem to make me laugh every hour of the day at the #1 school in the nation for unhappiest students. There is so much to miss, that's what makes this the hardest.

So when 8 am arrives thursday morning, after one look at my sea partner and a nod of approval, I am going to take a bold step and lead one foot behind the other... I am going to walk up that gangway and make my presence known... KEEGAN farley has arrived. Go ahead world, throw what you can at me, nothing is stopping me now, there is nothing in this world that I or anyone else in this world can't achieve. Dream it, Believe it, Do it.

Thanks to everyone who believed in me, kept pushing me to go forward and not give up. This trip is for you!


Tomorrow is the last day that i will be spending here in Kings Point for the next 4 -5 months. Its soooo nice to finally walk through the gate out front that has kept me locked inside for so long. It is going to be a nice break and one that i have definitely needed. So far I think that everything has gone farely well this week. I still do not know my economics grade which is the one that i am worried about the most.

Its time to raise the sails and let them fly!

Hopefully i get to see everyone back home!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY!! thought this was a pretty fitting picture for this blog.


I completed two of the hardest finals of the week, whether i did good on them... i don't know. we won't get the grades for a little bit. It was definitely stressful and made for a long day. tomorrow i a have SOLAS - Safety of Life at Sea - what to do if my ship sinks; how to surivev, you know the basic stuff. It is a pretty simple class.

So i checked the forecast and it looks like when i come home your weather turns to sunny. Maybe i'm just good luck or something because i don't think you guys have gotten any sunshine in Texas for the past month or two.

t-4 days until headed towards the west! Texas i'm almost home...

Finals Week

Alright, this week happens to be my most important week of the trimester, it is FINALS week. This is where one test happens to be half or 25% of your grade. Its crazy, you have worked soooo hard for the last 12 weeks and now it all comes down to one test! thats a major portion of your grade. So what i need from you is a prayer and good luck.

This is the most stressful week for any midshipman up here at USMMA! if only i did not have to go through weeks like this things would great up here in NY.

Tomorrow happens to be my hardest day with an economics test worth 50% of my grade, that is my hardest class this try!! please wish me luck!!!!

I'll try to update this as much as i can this week but i can't make any guarantees. HAPPY MONDAY... :-(