I'm Back

Somewhere between coming back from sea, focusing on sea year exams, and sharing the coveted sea stories with friends, updating the blog got lost in translation; but i'm finally back.
Things are again back to normal and the last trimester of 3/c year is going pretty well for the most part. All the basic classes are done and we are now begining to learn a lot about the field we will be entering after the next two years. I am taking a logistics management class, tankers class, cargo operations/ship stability class, and ship handling. It is all pretty neat stuff, and includes playing with simulators once a week.
The weather is finally getting beautiful up here in the North East, winter has left the building - at least for now.
So far that is what i have been up to, here is a vide to leave you with, it includes man pictures taken from around the world! ENJOY!

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  1. Loyce Says:

    The video and pictures were great. Really enjoyed watching it.
    Welcome back to the USA
    Love you,
    Aunt Loyce