Recognition and More

I know, I know... it has been a really long time since a lasted posted something on the this blog. but i'm back and here is the update.

The class of 2012 has finally been recognized and is pretty much considered human beings again. haha We get a lot of the privelages back, that were stripped from upon arriving in july of 2008. Recognition consists of Physical Training, a mudpit, mini seal training (or so it felt like), tug of war, mud slides, ringing of the memorial bell, kissing a statue, getting sprayed down by fire hoses in 40 degree weather, and some other stuff... but it was so worth it.
Also, i am almost a certified EMT in the state of NY. I take the test this month and will pass!! Pretty exciting. Last month i spent one day on an Ambulance in queens, NY which was really fun. Although i can't give you all of the details of what calls i went on, it was definitely a lot of fun. and i also spent one day in an Emergency Room. interesting stuff to say the least.
So for all of you wondering when i will be back? the answer is NEVER!! haha just kidding, but in all reality it is most likely going to be in the march of 2010! i know its pretty sad. But on the bright side of things i will be going to cancun for a week with my family in late June.
I'll keep you updated!!