Finals Week

Alright, this week happens to be my most important week of the trimester, it is FINALS week. This is where one test happens to be half or 25% of your grade. Its crazy, you have worked soooo hard for the last 12 weeks and now it all comes down to one test! thats a major portion of your grade. So what i need from you is a prayer and good luck.

This is the most stressful week for any midshipman up here at USMMA! if only i did not have to go through weeks like this things would great up here in NY.

Tomorrow happens to be my hardest day with an economics test worth 50% of my grade, that is my hardest class this try!! please wish me luck!!!!

I'll try to update this as much as i can this week but i can't make any guarantees. HAPPY MONDAY... :-(
2 Responses
  1. Loyce Says:

    Good luck this week. I know that you will do a good job.
    Love you,
    Aunt Loyce

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Dearest Keegan,
    I'm sorry I wasn't available to the Blog yesterday. But I could see today what you are facing. Of course honey, I will be praying for you and hope all goes well. I just feel that it will. Maybe today will be your lucky day. You are such a great Grandson and person through and through. I know that God see's your heart and he will be there for you, as I have always told you. Right beside you. Keep us posted out here dear one. Soon to see you. Can't wait. I will talk to your Mom soon, to ck etc out, as for as your schedule. Love to you and be safe. "Gingall"