Sea Projects

I thought i would make this post a little more informational. Most of you know that i will be going out to sea in just a few weeks time, but what you may not know is that i have to do what is called Sea Year Projects... and is a lot of what seperates this maritime academy from the rest. It is very rigerous and difficult, its truly to be completed after 4 months and no less.

The reason why i tell you this is that its not all fun and games or a vacation, also today we had a lecture over how to deal with the projects and the stress it brings on. Although i will be traveling around the world, i will still be doing school stuff too! stinks, i know.

Just a side note, i just found out i could be stopping in Pakistan too.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Dearest Keeg!
    Thinking of you this morning. The news about Pakistan visit. I'm not too hep about that, but I'm sure you will only go into the soft area, would you not. You being in the Acadamy, I'm thinking and hoping, of course. Remember, they only choose the best for this type of travel and visits. I'm sure you all be well prepared for what you have to do. You are the best sweetie.
    Can't wait to see you. Looking forward. Love you sooooooooo much. You are such a blessing to me. I enjoy who you are. Precious.
    Love you, "Gingall"