Busy Week

Well guys, sorry i haven't been able to write in a few days. It has been a very busy week for me with lots of tests... hopefully i did okay on them, but you never know, i am always so nervous about tests.
Everything has been going great up here. I really think that we skipped fall and hit winter, boy it has been really cold up here. The highs have been in the 50's for the last few days. I officially have four weeks left until the trimester is over, boy how time flies. Nothing too new or exciting for me. This weekend is homecoming weekend, so many of the alumni will be arriving tomorrow. Thats always a good time and its fun to hear the sea stories that they all tell.
enjoy your day!
3 Responses
  1. Meow Says:


    hope all is going well on your journey. thanks for serving our country.

    all the best,

    john ryan gallagher

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi KJ,
    When the alumni's come in, make sure you give them some good jokes. You know their big in TEXAS>>

    Hope you have a wonderful week-end. I'm sure you will. Be safe and you are so right. Time flys by so quickly. I will stay tuned. All is well with me and Fam. Terri was sick that she missed your call. Maybe you guys can connect soon. we love you honey. Take care. "Gingall"

  3. Loyce Says:

    We know that you did a good job on your tests.
    We know that you going to have a life of experiences on the ship and the sea.
    Hope you had a fun time last week-end.
    We both love and miss you.
    Aunt Loyce and Uncle Ron