The Path Ahead

It is sunday and i just finished my EMT watch. We responded to a significant number of calls, i don't know what it was but it seemed to be a rather bad weekend for many people here on campus, they just kept getting hurt. But it was fun and i enjoyed responding to all of the different cases.

I like the picture above becuase i think it shows where each of us are in our lives. No matter if you are young or feel older, your just at the beginning of the road, there is a long ways to go, theres so many things to do and see along that path that seems so infinitely long when looking at the whole picture, but so short when you are traveling 60 mph down it.
So slow down and enjoy the stops along the way!!!
just my 2 cents
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Your 2 cents is worth alot to me. I love this picture and your thoughts about it. So special, honey.

    Have a great day.

    Love you "Gingall"