It's friday and i am stuck on campus this weekend due to EMT watch on campus. EMT watch is a four day watch and we take care of any medical calls that are needed. So far we have had two, so they are keeping us pretty busy. Thunderstorms rolled in today so it has been raining pretty hard for a few hours. TGIF
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I have tried and tried to make comments and it is not allowing me to submit. I will keep trying though honey. Love you dearly. Miss you, but so proud of you. I think your life is exciting. So many wonderful opportunity's. Sites to see and places you will always have wonderful memory's about. EMT, huh> Sounds like a busy time to me. Miss ya, Luv ya, I will see if I can submit this one,now. Love "Gingall"

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I did it, I did it. Now, I will be a wonderful follower of yours. Now that I know how to do it. I had a wonderful week-end. Went to Denton on Sat. Had Dinner with Aunt Wanda and Sun., went to Church, then shopping. Can't beat that combination, huh? Love you KJ. Will be following you all the way. Have you learned which Ship you will be on yet? Believe me, I will be following it everyday.

    Be safe! Love "Gingall"