Thank God It's Friday


I just wanted to let everyone know that i think the test that i was sooo worried about yesterday, actually went well. Although i do not yet know my grade, i feel that i had the confidence needed to get through it.

Its finally the end to a long week, although now everyone in the northeast gets to focus their attention on Hurricane Danny.... is it going to hit us or miss us!!

My family is currently on a cruise, hopefully they are enjoying the time out on the open seas!!

Hope everyone is doing good back home!

Thanks to everyone for keeping up to date on my blog and thanks for all of your supportive comments.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Keegan,
    Just reading your blog. It's always so interesting. I just love it. Yes, your family is riding the seas for sure, hope they are safe and sound and I know they will b. How much fun>>

    I knew you would be okay on your test. I told you so. I know you so well.

    Have a wonderful weekend, honey. You know I Love you so much. "Gingall"