Goodbye Crossfire

It is September 1, and up here in New York it is almost as if summer completely went away for this first day of the month. Most of the day it was around 70 degrees, seemingly perfect weather. It always puts me in a good mood when there is good weather up here, because it doesn't happen all too often.

Today my car was sold, i no longer have the Crossfire that carried me for so many miles around Texas. It's pretty sad to see it go, but it would be pointless to keep it for the next two years with no one to drive. It was a great car... goodbye Crossfire.

2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yes Goodbye... It is sad. But you will move on to buy a cooler newer car. Hope your having fun.

    Love ya


  2. Anonymous Says:

    It is sad, but just think about when you get out of School, what you will be sporting then. Just buy something that I can be comfortable in! Ha. The Pictures are adorable. I will print them off and cherish them. I love your toys! Ha.

    Be sweet>
    Love you so much! "Gingall"