A Night Away

I got the opportunity to go with one of my best friends, Heinemann, to New Jersey... and let me tell you NJ is a lot prettier than they ever get credit for. Within 15 minutes we were in the moutains in a state park while 15 minutes in the other direction gives you the urban life. Its a very neat place. We ate dinner saturday night at a very good italian food restaurant. Then on sunday morning i had my first North East bagel... apparently i haven't lived unless i have eaten a bagel and it was very good. We spent much of the day driving around and also at the Firehouse that Heinemann is a part of. There was a great group of people there that i was fortunate enough. Just before having to come back the Heinemann family treated me with steak, fries, and homemade cookies. They were SPECTACULAR! thanks to Heinemann for a really great weekend!!!!

Also i would like to say thanks to him for many of the pictures of his that i have used on this blog.

This weekend happened to be a very awesome weekend. It was parents weekend and Coast Guard weekend. Our football played the USCG Academy, their academy bussed in about 700 cadets and we had all of our school plus the parents. It was a very packed game and one of the best i have seen here. It went into double overtime and we won!!! GO USMMA
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Keeg!
    Sounds like this was so much fun. My Boss lives in the Jersey area. Your bagels look wonderful. Love your picture. Thanks to you friend and his family for treating you so well. I appreciate it. I love your marching pictures of the group. Wow!
    Will write more tomorrow.

    Love you alot>