Goodbye School, Hello World

Today was my last day at home... I got to do so many incredible things while spending a short vacation back home in Texas. Flying with an awesome friend for some to kill for BBQ, taking a grandma flying for the first time in a long time, eating with a gingall in her halloween costume when nobody else was dressed up! haha There was so much to do and so many people to see. But i think that i got to see everyone (at least i hope i did).

Everyone is asking what i am feeling? What thoughts are going through my head? Am I excited? To answer these questions... yes, I am SO excited, but at the same time I am feeling nervous with a little anxiety thrown in the mix! haha What is there not to be excited about. I'm heading off to go around the globe (LITERALLY) and get paid... who else gets that opportunity. The moment that i have waited for, for a year and a half, has finally made its approach and has arrived. There is nothing that I or anyone else can do to stop it.

I am going to miss my family, the support system, and all of my friends who somehow seem to make me laugh every hour of the day at the #1 school in the nation for unhappiest students. There is so much to miss, that's what makes this the hardest.

So when 8 am arrives thursday morning, after one look at my sea partner and a nod of approval, I am going to take a bold step and lead one foot behind the other... I am going to walk up that gangway and make my presence known... KEEGAN farley has arrived. Go ahead world, throw what you can at me, nothing is stopping me now, there is nothing in this world that I or anyone else in this world can't achieve. Dream it, Believe it, Do it.

Thanks to everyone who believed in me, kept pushing me to go forward and not give up. This trip is for you!