Night at the Museum

Hey everyone,
Yesterday we received an overnight liberty, the first one in a long time. I spent most of the day in NYC, and went to the Natural Museum of History. It was a really magnificent place. It is the same museum that the movie "Night at the Museum" was filmed. We spent four hours there and only saw half of what they had to offer. It was a beautiful day up here, and it was very nice to get off campus for a while.
I also got to visit the Washington Square Park. It is th picture of the big monument. It was HUGE!
We are so close to recognition, it should be this week. This will make me a Midshipman and no longer a plebe. I will actually have somewhat of a life now.
Hope you like the pictures.
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  1. Loyce Says:

    I'm glad you had a great time. I love the pictures.
    Graduation coming a Midshipman.
    Aunt Loyce