Christmas Break

Hey everybody,

I hope everyone had as great of a christmas and new year as i did back home in Texas. We could not have asked for any better weather, it was absolutely gorgeous back home. I was fortunate enough to be able to come home for two weeks over the holidays. I spent much time with family and friends, and got to go camping for a few days out at hickory creek park on Lake Lewisville.

Also on my trip home my mom, jeff, and i attended the US Service Academy Ball in North Texas. I had a good time, it was a VERY formal event which played host to each of the five service academies. Throwing a dinner and different events to celebrate the Midshipmen and Cadets. I'm glad we were able to attend this prestigious event.

Nothing beats a good ol' Texas barbeque and watching the Texas sunsets. I got everything i could have wanted for Christmas. I spent a couple of days flying with a couple of good friends, and my best friend Jim Huff. We flew to Ardmore, OK and Stephenville, TX. Both are host to some of the best barbeque around. I miss flying sooooo much, many cannot even begin to understand how much aviation means to me. It was fun to get back in the air.

"The fascination of flight can't be expressed with words. But it really lies beyond the capabilities of human endeavor. Once you've experienced it, you'll never be able to forget it."

Unfortunately all good things come to an end, and i had to come back to the USMMA. The weather here is currently dark and gloomy, raining/snowing...definitely not the weather shorts and t-shirt weather like back home.

American Airlines topped off my break by flying me First Class back to NY LaGuardia airport. Unfortunately i won't be back until March, the count down begins again.

Thanks to everyone who made my break so great! Sorry i didn't get to see EVERYONE. Sorry this was so long!
2 Responses
  1. Loyce Says:

    I'm glad you had a nice time at home.
    I enjoyed your letter.
    I'm sorry that we didn't get to see you. I was sick the week of Christmas. So we we didn't do anything.
    We hope you have a Happy New Year!
    Love you,
    Loyce and Ron

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Keegan I love your blog. You are such a good writer.