44th Presidential Inauguration - One for the Books

I just got back from the inauguration yesterday and it was pretty amazing. I have never before seen so many people crammed into one place. There were so many police, military, and secret service that it was unbelievable. We even got our own security team, if we wanted to go to the bathroom, you had to be escorted. Haha
Monday we left NY and went to the Naval Academy, which was our hotel for the night. That night we attended a pre-inauguration ball Which was a lot of fun, and great food. We left the ball and spent the night at the Naval Academy which was pretty impressive. That school is so much bigger than I thought. Then on Tuesday, jan. 20 we left at 5am to go to DC. A few hours later we arrived in DC. Our buses were escorted by police through security on a closed highway. Our 4 buses were the only vehicles on the highway which looked pretty crazy. We soon at the pentagon to go through security with the secret service. Our rifles were checked, everything was offloaded from the bus, and we were patted down. Once that was done we grabbed a cup of hot chocolate in the 22 degree weather and headed to the ellipse, which is where the White House was located. This time our 4 buses were escorted by about 20 motorcycle cops, which was awesome. All of the tourist were waving and screaming as we drove by. The parade began near the White House. It was really awesome to walk through DC, see all of the spectators and security teams. Then we passed in front of the Obama family and the Biden family. It was really cool, tv cameras were everywhere and people were everywhere.
Once we finished the parade we boarded the buses and headed back. It was a really neat experience, but unfortunately we spent way too much time getting through security. Once I arrived back a lot of people had texted me saying they saw me on cnn, cspan, and a lot of news channels. So that was pretty cool to hear.
And that was my experience at the Presidential Inauguration.
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  1. Loyce Says:

    Ron and I watched the parade for awhile. We missed seeing you or we turned it off before you were on. I did see you in the video Teri sent.
    I know that you really had a nice time. It is something you will remember for a life time.
    You looked very handsome in your uniform.
    Aunt Loyce