Sports Meets Academics

Well, I found out after 5 weeks of sailing practice, sailing takes up waaaaay too much time. You see time is a very sacred thing around here, and learning time management is one of the key factors in getting through this place. Sailing took up about 4 hours of each day and it took away most of my weekends. So I made a decision that I couldn't take away my academic studying for that much time, I really need it right now. I'm having some trouble in chemistry, so I have been seeking out help with my professor, who has helped me out a lot after only two tutoring sessions.

On the bright side I got to meet my sponsor parents. These sponsors are there for you anytime you need anything, and mine are by far the coolest. They live just a block away and are very artsy people. They go into the city all the time and have two kids. One daugter who attends NYU and a son who is a professional musician. The family is very active with NYC which should make it lot of fun.

The picture above is the ring that we drew on the grinder. Notice the building in the background and that will give you an idea of just how big it is. It was to honor the seniors Ring Dance, called a Spirit Mission. Its one step towards recognition for us plebes.

Well, gotta go to class. I miss everyone and thanks for the comments!!

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  1. Aunt Terri Says:

    Morning babe!!
    It's labor day today and we'll be just messing around the house. I'm so glad you've got a fun family to sponser you while you're away from Teri. It sounds like they may beable to show you a good time in NY, that's for sure.

    You're trip away for the weekend was described beautifully......the long island're quiet a writer honey! I'm just feeling SO HAPPY about your spiritual growth,'s really happening for you. That's a good way to live.
    Sailing.....good choice, that can be a hobby for you some day if you really like to do that, but for now?? You're a a really critical time to set up your foundation that you'll "build you house" on that you'll live in for the rest of your life. You don't want it on shifting good choice on beefing up your academic time allowance.

    Well, I want you to make note of this request, put it in your journal (which is probably impossible for you to keep) request for your future. If you become apart of the Coast Guard, please do choose to be a 'Cutter' Wow....they're tough. They have to be the ones to do security sweeps on suspicious boats out in certain territories. They bust cocaine travelers, weapon smugglers etc...Their boats are really substancial in size but get this.....they reach 30 knotts in 30 seconds. They can pounce on a speed boat in seconds. But they showed them boarding up on a big ole rig to check it was scary. They have to round up all the crew members and interogaite (spelling terrible) them. It was tense. COAST GUARD CUTTER....although it's cool and really tough.

    Okay....gotta run, I love you dearly!!