It's Off To The Big Apple

18 years spent at home, twelve spent in the great town of Ponder, TX, and now four years 2,000 miles away from home. It's a big jump but I think i'm ready for The Academy! I just hope New York City is ready for me. It's been hard to say goodbye to friends and family, but I know it's for the best. I'm going to miss Texas!!!!

My goal is to update this blog as much as possible to let everyone back home know what I'm up to. I won't be able to update this until August because of indoc. Once I am able to update this thing I will post plenty of pictures and comments, so stay tuned....
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  1. Karen Says:

    Hi Keegan!
    I wanted to drop by & let you know I've been thinking about ya! I bet you are really pumped on being in the Big City....New York City is HUGE! I saw your INDOC pictures this week, WOW, it looks like you are working hard & seeing lots of new things already... King's Point looks beautiful. I envie all the new experiences you have in store for you. Seems like yesterday that I was taking my 1st road It Was Exciting!! Don't get too carried away with all the fun stuff though, you have a big job to do there this year *wink*wink* I love you Keegan! Miss You Ton's! All the Farrer Guys are cherring for you... they LOVED getting to see you in action (I sent them copies of your Academy Pix) If you're on the Web, Sissy can find you *grin* Have a great time & keep us posted! We're waiting already to see how you're doing, Love & Hugs! Sissy