Indoctrination - COMPLETE

Hey everyone! I'm back in society. Indoctrination period is now over. One goal accomplished but a long road ahead still. Indoc. really pushed to do things I never thought I could push myself to do. I'm actually starting to get in shape for once in my life. Each morning we would wake up at 5:15AM, got used to it. We would drill, get yelled at, eat and drill, class, then go to bed at 9:30pm. Rough first week. But as it got bad it got good, if that makes any sense. I got to do things I would never be able to do back at home. Such as sail a 1800's Schooner, which is a big old battle ship looking sailboat. We got to do safety test in orange gummy suits, drive several types of boats, sail on racing sailboats worth 3-9 million dollars!!! Some pretty cool stuff. It's hard to be this far from home. I really miss everyone and hopefully it will get better here! Classes start wednesday and I'll have an 18 credit hour load for the first trimester. Lots of work to do. Thanks for all of the support I have gotten from everyone back home.

Miss ya and love ya, Keegan

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  1. Karen Says:

    WoooooHHHHhhhhOOooooo! Keegan!!!! I almost fell out of my chair when I popped in to see your pretty little face had checked in!!! And let me say, it ain't so easy for Sissy to get off the floor these days .... LOL!

    You look great! I've been checking on ya here & there wanting to see what you new world is like for ya. Of course, Gingall keeps me pretty up to speed on the latest :o) She misses her Keegan though. Also, I heard from your Mom, she is just adorable & so proud of you! We all miss you, but get so excited to see a picture or post from you.

    Those boats or ships you get to 'play' with are awesome! You are so lucky! I can't imagine having all that fun-stuff right there to learn & drill on.

    I've passed your contact information on over to the guys toady. I hope to get some goodies off to ya this week. I hear someone is making cookies for you WOW! I might have to sneak over there & do a litle taste-testing for you *wink*wink*

    You are always on our minds, heck after watching our baby boy... ooppss! I mean Our Big Guy .... jump out of an airplane we need to keep a closer watch on our Keegan! Can't Wait 2 C The Next Tricky Thing U Do *grin*

    We Love & Miss Ya!
    Sissy & The Guys

  2. Karen Says:

    OOoooPPPpppSSssss.... sorry about those dang ol' typozzzz up there! I just got sooOOOoo excited to see you had posted today!

    Anyway, Have a great day Keegan!

    Big Swuishy Hugs Just 4 U!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Honey!!
    OH MY GOSH........I watch the photo album on the parent page as each day goes by just hanging on to the minute that you show up in a picture. I try to read the expression in your face, trying to see if you're okay.....or happy.....or having fun......or scared......And I can't tell. Which is a good thing because you look very stern and official which is what they probably are trying to teach you. So keep it up, but could you give me just ONE wink in a photo letting me know you're well. I saw you on a boat that made me excited for you. WOW.....can you believe what you're doing??? I love you Keeg!

  4. Ron Says:

    Nice to get the pictures, and your blogspot site. I know the past month has been tough, and a very busy time. The pain will fade, but the lessons you have learned will stay with you all your life.

    We are glad to see that you are keeping busy and starting your academic studies.

    I hope you liked learning to sail as much as I did. One of my few regrets in my life was turning down a chance to crew on an America's Cup training race when I was your age.

    Hang in there, and we look forward to seeing more of what you are doing as you have time to update the blog.

    Uncle Ron and Aunt Loyce

  5. hemant Says:

    Wow, what a good painting that is in the road. I never had seen this type of painting in the road with colors.