Apple Pie and a Campfire

It's been a while since a last posted something on here, but nothing huge has really happened. The only major thing is that our Superintendant, VADM Stewart, USMS, has retired from the academy after ten years in this position. VADM Stewart was a two-start general in the Marine Corp before becoming superintendant of the academy.

I have been focusing on grades and am doing pretty good as of now, i just need to keep the grades up, if so i will be pretty happy at the end of the trimester, which is coming up pretty fast.

I just got back from a Christian Fellowship Club "field trip" to northern NY, near Westpoint, for a chance to just get away from the academy. We went and picked apples in an apple orchard, then made homemade apple pie which was great! The host family made chili which i havn't had since i arrived in NY. We then sat around a campfire and talked with students from other colleges who were there.

It's been pretty lax these past couple of weeks, or maybe I am just getting used to things.

Well, gotta go, I'm really looking forward to Columbus Day Weekend!!
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